The Books

Trouble in the Tomb
Book One

Nathaniel Marshall is only nineteen, but he knows he belongs in Egypt, doing work as an Archaeologist. The only problem is convincing the rest of the world. Even if his parents were famous Archaeologists, who is going to give a kid who has never spent a day in college a chance? 

With a lot of work, and some persistence from his younger sister, Nate achieves the impossible and returns to the land he has come to call home for so many years. All he has to do now is show his new boss he has what it takes, but this might be harder than he thought. Dr. Jeremy Huddleson doesn't seem to like him, and they've barely met.

Things only get worse when a mummy who is supposed to be dead decides to go for midnight strolls. Not only must Nate prove himself, he must find a way to put a mummy back to rest. And he's convinced there is more going on than meets the eye.

Misadventure on the Mountain
Book Two

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