Name: Nathaniel Carter Jonathan Marshall, but his friends and almost everyone else call him Nate.
His parents named him after Nathaniel Greene - the fighting Quaker from the Revolutionary War. Howard Carter, the man who discovered King Tut's tomb. And Prince Jonathan from the Bible.

Age: 19

Appearance: Nate is tall and kind of gangling. His hair is red and his eyes are dark brown. His dad was Egyptian, so he has dark skin - but since his mom was from America it isn't as dark as his dad's was. Nate wears a lot of khaki and an Indiana Jones hat which his sister got him for one of his birthdays as a joke - but which he wears all the time now.

Personality: Nate is a little shy, but he is very quiet so he seems more shy than he actually is. He never knows what to say, especially to strangers, and the only ones he really talks to are his sister and his best friend. He likes being outdoors. When he isn't working he likes to hike, go on very long walks, or ride his motorcycle. He is a good swimmer and swims whenever he is near water. (He works a lot in the desert, so water isn't easy to come by.) He likes movies and books. He reads some fiction, but most of what he reads is true stories.
Nate's sister says he is a nerd. He knows all kinds of weird history facts and he can speak a lot of different languages - he has the talent of just being able to hear a language and pick it up, so it is kind of cheating since he doesn't have to study for it.
He is an Archaeologist, though he never went to college for it. His parents both were and they took him and his sister on all their digs and that is where he learned everything he knows. He works for an Archaeologist named Dr. Jeremy Huddleson and he likes to best to dig in Egypt but he travels all over the world and does work everywhere.
Nate also knows how to fly. His dad fixed up an old DST Douglas which he felt different places since he traveled so much, and he taught Nate how to fly - and Nate was able to get his license early.
And, I should have mentioned his earlier on, Nate is an orphan. His parents died in a car crash when he was 17 and he spent a few years in Wyoming with realities while he finished school.

Random Facts: When I first wrote the story Nate had three siblings not one. But the other two didn't do much so I took them out when I re-wrote it. His brother is still in the books, he just isn't his brother anymore and he has a smaller part. His youngest sister shows up a few times, but she is a singer now and a famous piano player.
Nate once had a dog. But I kept forgetting him so he too got left out of the re-writes.

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