Name: Amelia Evelyn Deborah Marshall, though she nicknamed herself Jessie at a young age. No one in her family ever learned why, and Jessie doesn't remember where she came up with it.
Jessie was named after Amelia Earhart. Evelyn Herbert - Lord Carnarvon's daughter. And Deborah, the only woman judge in the Bible.

Age: 13

Appearance: Jessie is tall for her age. She is little more than skin and bones even though she eats enough to feed a football team. She tells people she is so skinny because she is always running and just runs any possible fat off. (Nate believes there is some truth in this.) Her hair is red and reaches to her waist and her eyes are green. She was born in Ireland and claims to be half Irish.

Personality: Jessie is outspoken. She likes to talk even to strangers. She is convinced the world is full of spies and has plans to catch an enemy spy, thus gaining her admittance into a spying organization. She has other plans as well, most of them for escaping from something - one including escaping dinosaurs. Jessie is happiest when she is smack in the middle of danger. It doesn't matter what kind, just as long as it involves lots of running and escaping for her life. She loves adventure especially if it is dangerous.
Because Jessie spends so much time running and getting into trouble she doesn't enjoy quieter activities. She rarely reads because she can't sit still long enough. She is homeschooled, taught by Nate, but that is another trail to her existence since that too requires sitting still. She is interested in science and likes experimenting with nearly anything she can get her hands on.
Jessie goes on Archaeological digs with Nate. She isn't really interested in Archaeology itself but she loves digging in the dirt. She plans on learning to fly like Nate though it is unlikely she has the patience to get her license.
Jessie is wild and reckless, but has managed not to pick up the usual annoying qualities that go with such traits. However, all those who know her know she wouldn't have lived to thirteen without Nate around to keep her alive. They also know they need Nate around to translate, as few can understand the wild workings of Jessie's brain and therefore have trouble keeping up with things she says.
She does brighten up the lives of all she meets. She has a cheerful personality and likes to think up new ways to make people laugh or smile. 

Random Facts: In the first drafts it was Jessie's fifteen-year-old brother Sam who kept her out of trouble. He was her constant companion though he always took the back end of the stories and never did much except follow Jessie around and keep her from getting herself killed. I also had in a long running joke of Jessie constantly accidentally sitting on or stepping on Sam's glasses. Jessie also had a pet ferret named Archie, but like Nate's dog I kept forgetting him and he didn't make it into the re-writes.

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