Name: Dr. Jeremiah Henry Huddleson.
Everyone calls him Jeremy and often forget his full name is Jeremiah.

Age: 25

Appearance: Jeremy is of average height and build. His hair is dark brown and his eyes a light brown. He is considered handsome, with a square chin and high forehead. 

Personality: Jeremy is laid back. Not a lot excites him. He keeps to himself unless he is around his team, then he is more outgoing and will joke and laugh with them. He looks after them and worries about them when they are in danger.
Jeremy wanted to be an Archaeologist nearly his whole life. He went to a university at the age of eighteen with the intention of gettig his degree in it. He was a serious student and studied hard. In the summers he volunteered at digs and it was on one that he met Dr. Irving, who hired him when he got his degree and finished school.
While he enjoyed being a part of Dr. Irving's team, when Dr. Irving retired Jeremy readily accepted the task of taking on his own team. Most of the members worked for Dr. Irving, all except for Nate who joined just before Jeremy set off on his own.
When he isn't working, Jeremy likes to read. Much like Nate, he prefers biographies on just about anyone he can get his hands on. He especially enjoys reading of WWI. He also likes to swim. While in school he competed in swimming contests, one of the few physical activities he took part in.
Jeremy has a big brother quality to him even though he has no younger siblings. This trait especially comes out when he meets Nate and Jessie. He begins to feel protective of the two of them and takes it upon himself to look out for them - sometimes Nate more than Jessie. Since Jessie has Nate, who constantly looks after her - Jeremy feels that someone needs to do the same for Nate. They two of them become best friends, forming a brotherly bond which they both come to rely on.

Random Facts: In the original drafts Jeremy wasn't a Christian. When I went back to rewrite the books I realized this wouldn't work as I wished to write about Biblical Archaeology and Jeremy would never be working on such digs if he wasn't a Christian. So I changed him and came to realize it is his faith in God which helps Nate who suffers doubts over his own faith when his parents are killed.

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